Great allies to relax the mind

The accumulated stress is leading more and more people to enter the world of yoga. In the USA the number of people who practice yoga is growing by the moment. And more and more people are using CBD oil to address the same issues as yoga.

Some countries are already combining Yoga and CBD for a wellness bonus.

By combining CBD and yoga, great results are achieved since CBD is a good natural remedy to recover physically after a class but also helps you in the task of concentration (something complicated at certain times if you have a restless mind or you are one of those who find it difficult to disconnect from work). 

Yoga is characterized by being a discipline that combines breathing, strength and flexibility, obtaining the following benefits:

  • Your immune system is strengthened.
  • It helps to regulate your insomnia.
  • Relieves the effects produced by daily stress.

Like yoga, CBD also has an important potential for health and well-being. Whether you are new to yoga or already an expert in the field, you may be interested in learning about the benefits of adding CBD to your daily routine.

So… can I use CBD while doing yoga?

Users who have already tried it claim that CBD and yoga are a perfect combination, because of their many benefits.

Why has CBD become popular among Yogis?

If you already know the benefits of CBD, you probably already know that the functions of the regulatory system to yoga is linked to the endocannabinoid system of your body, which is the one that reacts when interacting with CBD.

For the yogis (people who practice yoga) introducing CBD in their day to day has been an additional complement that combines perfectly by the potential it has to enhance the many benefits of the discipline of yoga.

What are the benefits of using CBD for yoga?

By interacting with our endocannabinoid system it produces an anti-inflammatory response.

It helps to relieve muscle pain and to recover, since sometimes, certain poses that stimulate elasticity, create micro tears.

Improves concentration while reducing anxiety and stress.

It can help prolong feelings of happiness, because CBD suppresses the enzyme that breaks down anandamide, “the happiness molecule”.

It reduces the nausea that some yoga beginners may suffer from the numerous continuous movements of some positions.

According to some studies, CBD oil may improve flexibility and relieve muscle pain when applied directly to the body. This is why the oil has anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, your body will also become a little more flexible during yoga. CBD oil can help you feel calm and relaxed for a longer period of time when performing some yoga postures.

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  • Promotes normal recovery from exercise
  • Supports a sense of calm to concentrate
  • Promotes general well-being
  • Relaxing, support for normal daily stress 

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Research has shown how cannbinoids are an essential element in helping you regulate your body’s muscle movement and maintain mental balance. It is not rare to see how high performance athletes have already incorporated into their daily routines the use of CBD combined with their training and yoga practices.

TeamCONSULTOR recommends the use of CBD to people who practice Yoga.

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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Individual results may vary.

Our Bioabsorb full-spectrum hemp oil products contain cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, and meet or exceed all U.S. and EU regulations for industrial hemp, including THC.(<0.3% U.S.; <0.2% EU).

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