We only decide our own future.

“Hiding in the comfort zone cave is not the solution, but the problem.”

What is the comfort zone?

Although it sounds like a positive thing, the reality is that NOT trying to get out of the comfort zone is one of the reasons we get stuck and don’t make progress.

It is undeniable that we all seek a certain degree of security in life since it is one of our primary needs (remember Maslow’s Pyramid), and the comfort zone offers that false sense of psychological security. But, in reality, it can become a place where we cannot grow, nor evolve as people.

The comfort zone is a state or mentality that keeps us prisoners of the same daily routine and makes us victims of the same habits. In that place we do NOT risk trying anything new, living in the security of the known however boring it may be. We reduce our life experience and our world to a little redoubt that we know and feel we can control and where we feel safe.

Zona de confort

Always doing the same thing out of fear of failure – or the unknown – can hide a problem of low self-esteem or lack of confidence in oneself. And the curious thing is that precisely that self-esteem grows by accepting the challenges that destiny presents us with and by confronting that which we do not control or fear, that which takes us out of our comfort zone.

The point is that the so-called modern lives we all have – and despite all the technology in the world – are absolutely dominated by our primitive fears. That’s because the main function of our brains for thousands of years has been to protect us from anything that might pose a danger or a threat. Now our terrible threats are fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the future, fear of what they will say, fear of loneliness, fear of boredom, fear of love, fear of not being good enough, and the list goes on and on…

How to go out?

1 - Face it even if it scares you

If you want a change of life, if you want to improve, if you want to create your business, if you want to progress in life, have a better relationship, a better family, you are going to have to do many things that are difficult. Many times they will be uncomfortable and you may not even know how to do them, they will be a risk, they will force you out of your routine and your comfort zone and they will make you afraid.

2 - Accept that uncertainty and error are part of the path

This causes an enormous contradiction within us: an internal struggle is generated between that part of us that wants to progress and improve, between that which we want to achieve, and our brain that wants to protect us, that doesn’t want us to get hurt, that doesn’t want us to suffer disappointment, that doesn’t want to take risks; that is terrified of failure.

3 - Make decisions: they are the first step of any change

Although you have to know that there is a brave man inside us who wants to get out, who feels that we can give more and be better. And that brave one is sometimes held back, waiting for us to give him the opportunity to come out and show what we are capable of and what we are truly worth. So maybe this is the time to make decisions, to let that brave person out, to get out of the comfort zone, to take risks, to give you the opportunity to discover your true potential.

Why go out?

1 - Because if we don't do it we can miss out on an important part of life

If we don’t get out of our comfort zone, there will come a time when the feeling of emptiness may flood our lives, or the eternal question of “what if?

2 - Leaving the comfort zone is the beginning of a fuller life

We need challenges that hold us back, to face situations that bring out the best in us; to face our fears in order to conquer ourselves, to stop avoiding situations that can be great opportunities; to stop feeling held back and thus feel the passion that fills our hearts and makes us feel more alive.

3 - We have to get out of the comfort zone in order to grow

To live new experiences, meet new people, places, to renew ourselves and discover ourselves.

Nine keys to achieve your dreams

1. Do not make excuses

A dream is what we desire and what we believe would fill our existence if it happened. These are usually difficult to achieve, but not impossible. In fact, dreams, most of the time, can be achieved.

Most of the obstacles we encounter when we consider achieving something are within us. We think that we don’t have enough capacity, that we don’t have time, that it won’t be useful… But the reality is that if you invest some time and effort day by day, you will reach your dreams sooner than you expect.

2. Make an effort

Reaching an objective always costs, requires high doses of sweat, sacrifice and commitment. Moreover, if it were easy, it would not be part of the list of dreams, but if something is hard work and effort, when you reach your goal, the satisfaction and happiness you feel is complete.

3. Do not give up

There are times when more than one fight is needed to overcome obstacles along the way. In this regard, you should keep in mind that people who achieve their goals never give up. That is precisely why they have achieved them. Do not make it so that your efforts have been in vain.

4. Staying healthy

Although it may seem an unconnected aspect, pay close attention to your diet, sleep, sport and medical check-ups. In other words, taking care of your health can help you achieve your goals.

5. Don’t forget the principles

Never forget who you are. Act in a way that is consistent with yourself. If you begin to deviate from your identity, you will not know who you are and therefore you will not know why you are doing certain things or will not do them as you would really like to.

6. Take a risk

Striving to achieve your dreams, to overcome obstacles, necessarily involves taking risks. Thus, sometimes you will have to jump into the void and take risks. Otherwise, you will not move forward and will continue to be far from your dream. 

7. Setting realistic goals

Every long-term goal carries with it intermediate and short-term goals. The ideal is to organize the plan in small objectives to be fulfilled. This simple, but effective, strategy will give you more security, because by fractions everything will seem less risky and you will feel more control over your life. In addition, staying motivated is easier, because you get small rewards at a closer moment in time. As well as perceiving the progress will be much easier.

And, above all, set small goals that are realistic and operational. 

8. Be positive

To achieve your dreams, the most essential thing is to trust yourself. Accepting that not everything in life goes well at first, but that with each mistake we are closer to achieving what we want. If you don’t achieve one of those intermediate goals now, maybe you can achieve it later. Remember that, if you have achieved many others, you are capable of everything.

9. Sacrifice yourself

Step by step you will get where you want to go. You may have to go through great hardships, you may have to work for low wages, you may be forced to not sleep certain days, etc. However, never forget that your sleep is waiting for you and that all those sacrifices you make today will reward you later. But above all, try to have always a dream to achieve.


What can make people change their lives for good is just that simple, one DECISION.

Often people who want to change don’t know at what moment and PROCRASTINATE their decisions to change, that is to say DECIDE to delay the action… WRONG!

On the other hand, the people who are most determined to change believe that they will achieve it on their own and DECIDE to try… MISTAKE!

When in your life things do not go as they should, who else can help you is precisely the one who has the preparation, the capacity and the training to be able to explain to you what formula we have used to change our lives.

DECIDE to contact TeamCONSULTOR and we will explain to you how we have achieved this.