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What is Network Marketing or MLM?

Multilevel Marketing -MLM-, better known as Network Marketing, emerged in the United States in the 1940s.

This model is based on the direct marketing of products or services between the seller and the customer, and one of its main characteristics is that the same customer has the option to also become a seller, thus generating a network of distributors, who in turn are able to recruit more members.

This type of business is very popular since it involves a low investment in advance, as it usually involves buying a sample kit to get to know the products and start offering them, and although at the beginning it is suggested that they sell the products to friends or family, the trend has now expanded thanks to more sophisticated online marketing techniques such as social networks, emails, conference calls and in general the use of the Internet that has allowed them to expand their reach.

The objective of multi-level marketing is not to generate large profits in a short time, but to strive to increase sales and also to recruit more salespeople since by hiring other representatives under the networking marketing model, those who have recruited them will earn income from their sales, which is extremely attractive to salespeople.

How do you make money in a network marketing company?

It is simply a way to distribute products in a more direct way from the manufacturer to the final consumer. Instead of going through many intermediaries and investing a lot of money in traditional marketing, companies prefer to go through a network of independent distributors only and pay them. When you enter a company of this type, you become an independent distributor and can start promoting these products in exchange for a commission when you sell them, and at the same time, commission the sales of the network of distributors that you form along the way.

What are the main benefits of Network Marketing or MLM?

It is a proven business.

If you choose a company that has been in the market for years and has a good reputation, it will be easier for you to decide to invest in it.

There are no limits.

You decide how high you want to go in this type of business. You can work hard and make your sales grow to become a key part of the company. 

Betting on a global and international brand.

If you represent a company that has credibility and good reputation you will surely get clients faster. In addition, you can put your business anywhere in the world and run it from wherever you are.

You will become an entrepreneur.

Think about it, if your dream has always been to be independent and not work for anyone with this model you can own your time, have control over the growth you want to have and you can count on collaborators to sell more products in different territories.

Low investment.

Many say that this model is like a franchise, since you will own your time, your business and you will be able to choose even the location. A benefit of multilevel is that the investment is less than most franchises, so if you want to try this model you can do it without investing so much money.

You don't have a boss.

Even if you operate under a structure, you don’t have someone behind you all the time forcing you to sell a certain amount of products. Results, profits and success depend on you. You can even earn more income than you thought if you work at a faster pace or if you spend more time on it than other people.

There is no work schedule.

You decide how you want to organize your day, maybe you are more productive in the mornings or you prefer to attend to people in the afternoons. It doesn’t matter what you choose; it’s up to you to maximize your income during that time.

Some NOT so “positive” factors that you must know to succeed with Network Marketing

-There is a considerably saturated market for this sales model because there are many vendors other than you. Getting customers is a challenge.

-Although you don’t have a boss, or a schedule, if you don’t have goals you don’t receive income; you need to organize yourself well and be constant.

-You must have enough time to devote to the products and to build a network of customers and distributors.

-Being such a used model may seem obsolete; but your own creativity can help you be competitive with the opportunity offered by the digital world.

-You depend on sales so it’s not recommended that you don’t have another job to begin with. You have to have patience to create a network with which you can generate good income and this takes time; first you get buying customers and little by little you add members to your sales network.

What is the difference between Network Marketing and a Pyramid structure?

We must distinguish that some take advantage of network marketing or multilevel marketing to effectively make a pyramid, in which people contribute money and others are expected to do so in the hope that this income will ‘fall’ to lower levels and everyone will benefit.

In those cases, the product or products are only a disguise for a pyramid scheme. However, network marketing is a legitimate business. First of all, it is based on giving people a real, legitimate product that they may need, offering it at a fair price.

The benefit must come as a result of your efforts to build an organization that sells real products and services. Pyramids, on the other hand, are based on taking advantage of people. For someone to make money in a pyramid scheme, someone else must lose it.

A model where personalization is the key to success

In multilevel sales, the most important thing is the customers and the direct contact with them. That is why the key to success in network marketing is to cover their needs in order to achieve their loyalty.

The sales of a company under a multilevel marketing profile should not be based on the exaggeration of the benefits of the products since with time it will damage your image and that of the company.

Offering a personalized service is the key for distributors, since customers will get the products they like the most, recommendations designed specifically for them and direct contact with the seller without having to leave home.

However, a further challenge for those who work under the network marketing model is precisely to get more customers, something in which technology can help:

  • Social networks: you can create your own personal brand together with the brand you represent. It is recommended not to use your personal profile, but to create a professional one that includes the name of the brand, but not to pretend to be the official account.
    In all social networks you can create your own strategy by sharing information about the products, tutorials on the use or advice based on your brand, which will allow you to reach a greater number of potential customers, in addition to resolving doubts and having a personal customer service channel.


  • Email: if you get your customers to provide you with their email, they will give you permission to send them information about your company and the products you sell and represent. In this way you can personalize the shipments according to their interests and gain their loyalty and trust.

4 Critical factors to look for in a good Network Marketing company

Critical Factor No 1: People

The most important thing to keep in mind in a good MLM is the people. The most important person who will determine the success of your business is your sponsor. This is the person who takes you to start your business and who will train you.

Trust is probably the most important point to consider with a good sponsor and then previous business experience is a must. Since you will be spending a lot of your time with your mentor, it is important that you can follow your mentor and feel that you can learn things from this person.

Also, keep in mind that all businesses attract certain types of people. It is important to know the type of people who currently lead the company.

Critical Factor No. 2 - Actual Timing

The next most important factor to consider in a good network marketing company is the actual timing of the company. This is the age of that business establishment and how long it has been in existence.

When it comes to the age of the company, you should avoid start-ups. This is because it is very common for businesses to close within the first five years. Emerging companies are very risky.

You also want to avoid the largest businesses in the market. This is because they are already well established and the opportunity is not as good for new people. It’s very similar to a big giant wave. You want to ride the wave and not get left behind or be too far away before it starts.

Critical Factor No 3 - The products

The second most important factor to look for in a good network marketing company is the products.

The most important and number one thing about products is that they are consumable items. This means that these products are used month to month, whether you have a business or not.


Critical factor 4: The payment plan or Compensation Plan

And the last factor to consider in a good mLM company is the payment plan. Also known as the “compensation plan”. This just means the way you get paid.

There are actually four different types of compensation plan: the binary, the tiered pay, the single level and the matrix. All compensation plans work.

If the company is more than five years old, all compensation plans have been proven to work.

The only thing you should look for is that the payment plan allows you to sponsor as many people as you want. Some compensation plans only allow you to prospect with a limited number of people. You should avoid this at all costs; you should be able to sponsor an unlimited number of people.

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