Discover this magnificent opportunity for the future.

“To pursue your dreams you have to take the step and take advantage of business opportunities like this one.”


One part of will and one part of effort: this is our key to success. Trust our time-tested process and we’ll provide the rest. New to direct sales or network marketing? No problem. TeamCONSULTOR is here to show you exactly how to turn that will and effort into financial success.


With industry-leading technology, Q Sciences’ full-spectrum hemp products and nutritional supplements address a variety of nutritional concerns and fit comfortably into every lifestyle. Simply share your favorite health tips with your friends and family and we’ll take care of the rest, including all the tools you’ll need to get started now.


With several ways to earn, your social trading business with Q Sciences will begin rewarding your efforts immediately through sales commissions per customer, monthly team commissions, promotional bonuses and additional financial rewards.

Your “Future Me” will thank you for investing in yourself today! 


1. Increase your monthly earnings. You receive your income every beginning of the month. 

2. A “part-time” job. You can start the activity with a reduced working day, a half working day or a full working day. YOU DECIDE.

3. Enjoy some online tools (web and intranet) that facilitates the company to develop the activity.

4. Without any kind of risk. It is not required of local neither of any fixed cost neither of estocar product.

5. With the freedom to work without a set schedule.

6. Work without pressure from targets or any boss.

7. Do your activity where you want, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can work from home. YOU DECIDE.

8. You have at your disposal continuous training from the hand of great professionals for your continuous improvement.

9. Have within your reach a very attractive income plan. It has different income possibilities. Compensation Plan & Promotions very attractive.

Over time, this new business can become your new career and be the opportunity you were looking for to fulfill your dreams.

What are the three main advantages of Q Sciences?


1st Advantage

When you become an ambassador for Q Sciences, you gain access to cutting-edge technology that will put you ahead as an owner of your business. These tools allow you to save time, money and help you grow as a business owner.

  • Q ConnectPro Application: Track your business, share content and communicate with your team, all at your fingertips.
  • Virtual Office: Manage your Q business, sign up new ambassadors, view reports and more.
  • Your Own Website: Attract new customers and sell products.

2nd Advantage

The “Q” in Q Sciences stands for the word “Quintessential”, which means the best of the best, the perfect embodiment of something, including our industry leading and scientifically researched products. Our line of full-spectrum hemp products and nutritional supplements are essentially better than all others.

Be a part of the growing health and wellness industry. Health and nutrition is becoming a priority and necessity for 21st century consumers.  According to a study by the Brightfield Group consulting firm, it is estimated that by 2023, the European market for hemp products will skyrocket, reaching 1.5 billion euros. In 2018, the sale of such products reached 287 million euros.

3rd Advantage

For us at Q Sciences, a quintessential life is defined by making decisions focused on your nutrition, physical fitness, mental and emotional well-being, and yes, your finances as well. With the introduction of the Financial Freedom Movement, we are pleased to help you pay off your debts, contribute to your retirement plan, and teach you how to transform and own your financial future. Through a new level of understanding and responsibility, you can experience true financial freedom even before you completely replace your full-time income. EXCELLENT COMPENSATION OR INCOME PLAN.

Are you joining our Q Sciences team?

We are looking for people who are determined to improve and learn, who love to help people, and who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.

We are looking for people who are leaders, who know how to use social networks to reach more people and have social skills.

We are looking for people who want to make money, who don’t settle and who want to achieve their dreams.