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Use CBD to relieve menstrual symptoms naturally and improve your skin condition



  • Reduces inflammation

    Many women feel a bloated belly when they have their period. One of the properties of CBD is that it has an anti-inflammatory power without the gastrointestinal side effects.

  • Relieves pain

    When you have strong cramps it is because the muscles of the uterus contract and relax. CBD targets receptors in the muscle tissue and causes the muscles to relax, which translates into pain relief.

  • Improves mood

    CBD also controls the release of cortisol (what is known as the stress hormone) and does not let the anandamide (happiness molecule) break down as quickly.

    Premenstrual syndrome and plays a very important role in mood swings.  CBD also helps regulate the endocrine system so that the imbalance of our hormones does not have as much effect.

  • Sleep aid

    By reducing pain and stress or nervousness it helps you sleep, it is not a sleeping pill as such, but a consequence of relieving the other symptoms.

When is it best to use it?

To avoid strong peaks of pain it is best to use it every day or at least one week before having your period. If on the day of menstruation (or days) the pains return, a few more drops are used.

This is not mandatory and some people only use it during peak times. In the end it is a choice. However, it is not the same to alleviate a slight pain as a strong pain peak. Obviously in the latter situation you need a lot more product and the effect may not be as immediate.

Q FUSE is BioAbsorb full spectrum hemp oil in four delicious flavors. This innovative product uses the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that work together to provide maximum effect. Q FUSE is water soluble, which provides the fastest and most effective absorption. This product is designed to support your overall health and maintain the balance that nature intended.

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The way CBD acts in our body has a direct relationship with the endocannabinoid system. We have this system throughout our body, including our skin, in the form of receptors that are on the membranes of different types of cells.

When CBD comes into contact with our body, either because we ingest it or because we apply it topically through our skin, it binds to these receptors thanks to the affinity they have, thus forming a chemical substance that is capable of calming pain and modifying any alteration in our skin with better results than a traditional medicine.

In the case of the skin, the endocannabinoid system is related to the production of hormones. And its alteration can be reflected in certain alterations of the same as acne, dermatitis, disorders in hair growth or the so painful psoriasis.

We are dealing with an ingredient that has no known side effects, and there are more and more people in the world who have significantly improved the appearance of their skin, thanks to this wonderful CBD.


It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that soothes the pain of some skin diseases.


Combats the symptoms of dry skin, managing to keep it balanced with an adequate level of hydration.

Tallow regulator

Also, CBD is able to regulate an excessive production of sebum in the skin. Therefore, you can also use it on your mixed or oily skin without fear of damaging it because it is a dry oil.

Natural antioxidant

The cannabidiol or CBD is a very powerful natural antioxidant that manages to minimize the lines of expression.


It also works as a very effective anti-aging treatment.

Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6

It fights the atopic dermatitis thanks to the fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 that contains the cannabidiol, two essential nutrients to finish with this ailment.



Q RENEW Micro-Infused Cream is an easy-to-use hemp lotion infused with essential oils. This product is designed to soothe joints and sensitive skin. The essential oil blend includes lavender for soothing aromatherapy and lemongrass for topical relief of aches and pains. Best of all, Q RENEW Micro-Infused Cream is formulated with BioAbsorb full-spectrum hemp oil, giving you all the benefits of hemp. It promotes younger, healthier skin. Massage the cream into the affected areas.

Q RENEW Roll-On is a blend of BioAbsorb full-spectrum hemp oil and soothing herbs, delivered with roll-on precision. The full spectrum of flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids with pure therapeutic essential oils and natural plant extracts work together to maximize and magnify the benefits of hemp. Perfect for the daily needs of muscles, joints and skin. Promotes younger, healthier skin. Apply evenly to affected areas and allow to soak into skin. No rubbing required.


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You can purchase these products in the following link of QSciences.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
Individual results may vary.

Our Bioabsorb full-spectrum hemp oil products contain cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, and meet or exceed all U.S. and EU regulations for industrial hemp, including THC

(<0.3% U.S.; <0.2% EU).
Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for use by children under 18. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription drugs, consult your health care provider before use.