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When you change your way of seeing the world, it changes.




“Eating is a need, but eating cleverly is an art.”

F. La Rochefoucauld


S.T.A.R.T. method to have the body you always dreamed.



Suggestions to improve habits in the whole family, from adults to children.


Prevention is essential to avoid pain, injuries or other problems.


Improve your life quality by means of personal growth and transformation.

What about workout?

Physical exercise must be introduced gradually, as it doesn’t only give benefits to our bodies but it also frees endorphins that make us feel emotionally good. That’s why our physical trainers will create personalized guides for each person attending to different criteria.

Is it for all ages?

For sure, all of our programmes and methods are adapted to all ages by our professionals. Even if you’re in an older age, our nutritionists can offer you some natural supplements to strengthen the immune system and raise the level of proteins, vitamins, etc.

Discover our S.T.A.R.T. Method

We know many people need help and TeamCONSULTOR has created the S.T.A.R.T. Method. An efficient process that goes beyond achieving a specific goal but it leads us to new routines with healthy habits and lets us be better with ourselves.

S > Healthy (“Saludables”)

T > Tasks

A > Adapted

 R > Results

T > Transformation

The team

In TeamCONSULTOR we know small routine changes can make a huge one in people’s lives. That’s why we have gathered a team of professionals in Nutrition, Coaching and personal trainers that will help you in your personal transformation process.

The TeamCONSULTOR teams are all over some cities looking forward to helping you. If you want to join them you just have to contact us.


“They’re such great professionals, in my case I was feeling professionally trapped and with Vanessa’s help I’ve been able to turn my life around.”

Carlos P., Zaragoza (Spain)

“Ana gave me nutrition guides and with Teresa’s exercises I’ve finally lost the 20 kg that I had been wanting to for a long while. I’m a new person.”

Mónica B., Lleida (Spain)

“I spent some time feeling really tired and with very few vitality, mi daughter told me about them and with the nutritionist’s guides and the complements they suggested me to take I’ve noticed a great change.”

Paloma  A., Barcelona (Spain)

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